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There are certain times when you may want or have to factory reset the Meep. If your Meep isn't working normally, you may be directed to factory reset it. For example, no apps or games will open and/or "force close". If you decide to sell your Meep, factory resetting it will delete all data from the Meep: Wi-Fi connection(s), Google account associated with Google Play Store, game/app data, date and time, and your child's name and Meep ID. It should then be clear of all of your info, so the new owner can start with a "fresh" Meep, just like when it was first used. Note, however, that a factory reset will not delete your parent portal account or remove your Meep's serial number from the Meep's servers. To delete your parent portal account and Meep serial number from the servers, send the Meep Tablet-US, Meep Tablette (France), Meep Tablet - Italia, or Meep Tablet - Europe facebook page a private message with your Meep's serial number, e-mail address used for your parent portal account, and let them know you are selling or sold your Meep. They will be able to delete your info, so the new owner can register the Meep to the parent portal account they create. You can, also, let the new owner know to do the same, if you haven't - send Meep Tablet-US a private message with the Meep's serial number and mention the Meep was purchased "second-hand". Or, you can contact the customer service telephone number and they can do the same.

Do not confuse a factory reset with the reset button on the back of the Meep. The reset button, on the back of the Meep, is for shutting the Meep down, when a game/app "freezes" (screen is frozen/stuck and will not do anything, even when taping the "back" button) or when you have a "black" screen on the Meep, after tapping on an app. After the reset button is pushed in and the Meep shuts down, you can then turn the Meep back on and it should bootup and work as normal.

To factory reset the Meep:

1) Tap on Settings.

2) Tap on Backup & data.

3) Tap on Factory data reset.

4) You will see information with what a factory reset does. If you are certain, tap the Reset tablet button. It will start the factory reset process. Once started, you cannot go back.

After the factory reset process is complete, your Meep will reboot. All of the preloaded content will be gone, but let the new owner know it can be recovered from the Meep Store or, if you were directed to do a factory reset, you may want to read "How To: Recover Preloaded Content" on this Meeptablet Wikia.