Meeptablet Wiki

Airdroid is an app for transferring files between your Meep and home computer, wirelessly. No USB cable required. Plus, it is free. Launch the app on the Meep, and see your Meep's contents, from your home computer, using any standard web browser. Useful features:

  • Transfer files
  • Install/Uninstall applications
  • Tools section - "Device" - helpful for showing how much internal storage space is available, battery status, CPU status, and RAM status. "Files" - shows all of the folders and files on the "internal" sd card, and "Apps" - shows all of the apps installed on your device and will allow you to run them from there, or uninstall.

It has a nice and simple interface. When accessing your Meep from your computer's web browser, it uses "drag and drop" and has a "windows feel" file manager. You can even access the external sd card, if it is inserted in the Meep's external sd card slot. Overall, a very useful app. Only drawback I can think of, is if younger children happen to find the tools section, then "Apps" or "Files". It is possible they could remove installed apps or files. In that case, use with caution.